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    Anderson, Adam Family 5/24 5/24 not yet
    Benson, Bobbi Single 5/23 5/24 not yet
    Carlson, Chris new Senior 5/23 5/24 not yet
    Dawson, David new Single 5/24 5/24 not yet
    Edwards, Eli Senior 5/22 5/24 not yet
    Ford, Frank Family 5/20 5/24 not yet
    Gross, Grant & Gupta Family 5/21 5/24 not yet
    Howards, Hal new Senior 5/21 5/24 not yet
    Isaacs, Illyana Family 5/23 5/24 not yet
    Jacobs, James Senior 5/15 5/24 not yet
    Kling, Karl Senior 5/19 5/24 not yet
    Larson, Loni new Senior 5/16 5/24 not yet
    Mason, Marjorie Senior 5/17 5/24 not yet
    Nelson, Nellie Family 5/18 5/24 not yet
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    24 Members are Overdue!

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    Membership reports are set up to group people by CURRENT (those who have renewed), those who are OVERDUE to renew (overdue by less than 60 days), and those who are LAPSED (2 months past renewal).

    All Membership reports, letters and other features can also distinguish between NEW members and RENEWING members.

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